Physical Security

These devices utilize modern technologies to detect unauthorized materials or suspicious activities accurately. The technologies include X-ray scanning, ultrasound inspection devices, and various other techniques.

Security inspection devices provide an ideal solution for monitoring and examining materials and individuals with precision and efficiency. They are used in various sectors, including government ministries, airports, border checkpoints, industrial facilities, and public spaces. These technologies aid in the early detection of potential threats and contribute to enhancing security and protection.

There are various types of security inspection devices, including:

X-ray Baggage and Luggage Scanners

These devices use X-ray technology to inspect the contents of baggage and luggage, detecting concealed items or prohibited substances effectively.

Metal Detection Gates

These are security gates equipped with metal detectors to identify and alert security personnel to the presence of metal objects, which could be potential security threats.

Handheld Metal Detectors

These portable devices allow security personnel to manually scan individuals or objects for the presence of metal objects that may pose a security risk.

Vehicle Scanners

Vehicle scanners utilize advanced technology to inspect the exterior and interior of vehicles for concealed items, ensuring the safety and security of areas such as border crossings and high-security facilities

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Physical Security