JA-111ST-A Bus combined smoke and heat detector with built-in siren

JA-111ST-A Bus combined smoke and heat detector with built-in siren

Used to detect a fire risk in the interior of residential or commercial buildings. It comprises of a siren that indicates a fire alarm, both from the entire detector and from another fire detector in the system.

If the detector’s power is supplied from the control panel bus, it works as a system device (EN 54-7; EN 54-5).

If the detector is supplied by inserted batteries (3x 1.5 V AA), in the case of a loss of the 12V supply voltage or communication with the control panel, it continues working as an autonomous unit (EN 14604).

The detector indicates a dangerous situation optically with an integrated light and with a siren. It is able to acoustically report:

  • a fire alarm detected by the detector itself
  • a fire alarm from the system (alarm triggered by another fire detector)
  • another type of alarm (e.g. an intruder alarm)
  • for alarms reported by the system, sections can be set for which the alarm will be indicated

The product contains two separate detectors – an optical smoke detector and a temperature detector. The optical smoke detector uses the diffused light principle. It is very sensitive to particles that are present in thick smoke. It is less sensitive to small particles produced by the burning of liquids such as e.g. alcohol. Therefore, a heat detector is integrated, which responds better to a fire developing heat quickly with a small amount of smoke.

The fire detectors should be installed by a trained installer with a valid Jablotron certificate. The detector is not designed for installation in industrial environments.

Power 12 V DC (9 – 15 V) 3 alkaline batteries type LR6 (AA) 1.5 V; 2.4 Ah 3 lithium batteries type FR6 (AA) 1.5 V; 3 Ah Please note: Batteries are not included
Current consumption:
- in standby mode 5 mA
- for cable choice 150 mA
- Low Battery 3.5 V
Typical battery lifetime approx. 3 years
Smoke detection optical light scattering
Smoke detector sensitivity m = 0.11 ÷ 0.13 dB/m pursuant to EN 14604, EN 54-7
Heat detection class A1 according to EN 54-5
Alarm temperature +60 °C to +65 °C
Operating temperature range -10 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions, weight diameter 126 mm, height 52 mm, 150 g
Conformity EN 14604, EN 54-7, EN 54-5, EN 50130-4, EN 55022
Recommended screw 2x ø 3.5 x 40 mm (countersunk head)

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