JB-VA80 Valve adapters type VA80

JB-VA80 Valve adapters type VA80

Adapter for the connection of the JB-150N-HEAD actuator to a radiator valve. The package contains 5 adapters.

The VA 80 type is designed for the valve type:

  • Heimeier
  • Herb
  • Onda
  • IVAR
  • Thermoval
  • MNG
  • Schlösser
  • Mair
  • and more…
Adapter type VA 80
Dimensions M 30 x 1.5
Valve Heimeier, Herb, Onda, IVAR, Thermoval, MNG, Schlösser, Mair and more

JB-150N-HEAD Wireless thermostatic head

The actuator follows the status of the selected